Divorce and Children


Helping the children get through a divorce

All situations are different and every child reacts differently, keep an eye on your kids and look for signs that they may need professional counseling to get through. The best thing that you can do is show strength and confidence that all will be ok, it's only the end of the world to them if they see that you're acting like it's the end of the world. Assure them that things will be fine. Try never to put down the other parent in front of the children or question the children extensively about what the other parent is doing; this is extremely uncomfortable to the child.

The best thing you can do for your children is spend quality time with them when they're with you and make that time all about them. For help with child custody investigations in Alabama,call us at 205-824-4492 .

Proving that your spouse is unfit

When you hire a P.I. to prove that your spouse is unfit it is good to know what you expect that P.I. to find.

Ask yourself what makes him or her unfit.

Drug or alcohol abuse?

Bad house keeping?


some of these things can mater and some may not, it often depends on how this directly affects the children.

This is why we always recommend that you talk to an attorney before you spend too much on a P.I.

The last this that we want to see happen is that you go to an attorney with a pile of evidence and the attorney says "hey that's great work but it wont really mater in this situation" so it's always good to seek the attorney's advice first.

Keep in mind that a P.I. in a custody case is a tool for the attorney to use to represent you; that attorney knows what she or he needs from the P.I.

For help just call us at 205-824-4492

Proving that your spouce is cheating.

Proving that you spouse is cheating can help you in matters such as division of assets, reduction or elimination of alimony and even child custody if the children are affected by the relationship. That does not mean that it will help in every situation and , again, it's best to consult an attorney to see if evidence of adultery will help you. We are one of the most qualified companies in Alabama and even nationally when it comes to gathering evidence of adultery, putting together a professional presentation for court and following through with professional testimony. If you need help with adultery investigations in Birmingham,  just call 205-824-4492.

What if I don't need the evidence for court but just want to know what's going on?

If you haven't been married very long, have no children and no assets, you may not benefit from having evidence in court. If you still need to know in order to make a decision in your relationship, consider these options.

1. Hire our team to gather evidence for you.


2. Visit our retail spy store " Spy Pro Shop" and get the gear to track and film yourself. You can either order online or walk in the store located at 5511 HWY 280 E suite 218 Birmingham 35242. That's in Greystone on the left just past Lee Branch shopping center.


Q. Are Private investigators required to be licensed in Alabama?

A. Yes  anytime they advertise to the public they are required to be licensed and each person they use in the field to observe, follow or film is required to be licensed. Always make sure that your investigator is not using unlicensed assistants in the field to do any of those or other investigative task defined in chapter 25B. If they are it can not only cause the evidence that they gathered to be thrown out of court but it makes them vulnerable to lawsuits. You may be able to recover everything you paid them in a civil suit.

to verify a licensee click on this link  http://www.apib.alabama.gov/Search.aspx

Q. Can a P.I. hack a phone or Facebook or Instagram account ?

A. No; those would be illegal acts that could put the P.I.s license at risk and the client in a liable position a professional P.I. would not do that to a client.  There are always good LEGAL ways to achieve the same thing. 

Q. How do I know if I have found a reputable P.I.

A. There are many reputable P.I.s in Alabama but you always should be cautious, after all this may be you family at stake. The State Board will handle any complaints that we receive. There is a process and the forms and instructions are available online ; however many victims never file a report. Many times the victim doesn't even know that there is a board.

Check to see if the P.I. that your considering is affiliated with any local associations. There are a few national associations that except members strictly for dues without requiring any type of credentials, but if a P.I. is associated with a local association and in good standing with his or her peers, it is more likely that this is an ethical and reputable P.I. also check their google reviews . If a customer doesn't fill an official report, they will often vent on google if the P.I.  takes the money and runs. Also look mat your P.I.s resume and meet with him or her so that you can size them up; this is the person that you will count on to testify in open court for you. Lastly, ask your attorney before you hire a P.I. and see if she or he has dealt with this P.I. in the past.

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