Private investigators in Birmingham Alabama.


Who do Private Investigators work for.

Private investigators  provide a variety of services to a variety of different types of clients which include:



Companies of all types.

Federal, State and local government.


Property managers.

Collection firms.

There are so many types of service that a private investigator may offer that almost any person or entity could find a need for a PI at some point. 

If you need  Private investigators in Birmingham Alabama or anywhere in the the state, Casteel and associates can help you. We are Alabama Private investigators who specialize in surveillance but we offer many other services and also have associates nation wide who can help in areas that are outside our fields of expertise.

What services do Private Investigators offer?

Private investigators provide many types of including but not limited to:


Obtaining recorded statements.

Background checks.

Counter Surveillance.

Internal theft investigations.

Installing hidden cameras.

GPS vehicle tracking.

Adultery Investigations.

Child Custody investigations.

Injury Fraud investigations.

Personal Injury investigations.

Franchise infringement investigations.

Product liability investigations.

Cohabitation investigations .

These are just a few examples of services that a Private investigator may be able to offer you. We offer a large variety of services but specialize in obtaining evidence through surveillance. Call Casteel and Associates if you need  Alabama Private investigators  in Birmingham Alabama and we will give you a free telephone consultation to see how we can best serve you.

Just call 205-824-4492.

How do I know if I need a Private investigator?

The first step is to keep in mind what a private investigator really does. Our job is to reveal the truth; that's all we sell. The truth will, in most cases, either provide our client with evidence that will help them or information that will help them to more clearly understand a situation and possible even give peace of mind. 

If you are contemplating divorce and considering hiring a private investigator; ask yourself what you hope to gain from the services that the PI will offer.

On one hand, if you have substantial assets, have children that are abused or neglected or may be subjected to alimony, you might benefit from having evidence that an Investigator can provide you with. 

On the other hand, if you have only been married a couple of years and have no children or joint assets, you may not need evidence.

The best way to determine that is to ask your family law attorney. Most attorneys like the idea of walking into court with evidence but ask them specifically  how much you might stand to benefit from hiring a PI and getting evidence verses going forward without evidence. If the difference is only a few thousand; you might want to save the money that you were going to pay to us and use it to move forward and restart. Most people who call a PI to find out if their spouse is cheating, already know they are but just want proof. If that's your case, unless you just don't mind spending money that you don't need to, find out if it will benefit you first then hire us if you know the results will make a difference. Call us anytime for a free consultation at 205-824-4492.

If you don't need the evidence and still want answers, go by our store (Spy Pro Shop in Birmingham AL) and get the equipment to help you get the answers you need.


What if a Private Investigator dosn't do the work after I paid Him/Her?

This is a problem that was more common before Alabama became a licensed state for Private investigators. The new laws help to protect the public against things such as fraud , theft and unethical behavior . An investigator should supply a client with a report and a statement which shows how the clients money is spent. If you have a problem or complaint , please go to  , click on and print the consumer complaint form and mail it to the address on the bottom of the form.  By doing this you will help others who could have the same bad experience. Also if you hire a Private Investigator and he or she charges you for hours pertaining to surveillance work that was preformed by a person who is not licensed, report it using the same form. You should not be billed for surveillance preformed by a non licensed person when you hire a PI because it is not legal for that person to be engaging in an investigative complicity and offering service to the public for pay in Alabama. If you the investigator tells you that a person is working under his or her license, then know that that is not legal and you may even be able to recover any money that you paid for the services through an attorney.